Final Chapter~Saying Goodbye to Burning Yarn and Greyhound Buses

This will be the last installment. For the beginning you can start here:

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Saying Goodbye

I am a little sad to see the story coming to an end. I hope it touches you today.

The only thing I remember about the rest of the trip was more crocheting.

We got to the bus station and boarded the bus for home. Grandma showed me how to do a single stitch and a double stitch, making me practice all the way home. Thinking back, it probably was because she exhausted herself with everything we did during the day and the treatment side effects creeping up on her. The crocheting kept me quiet.

While there were many other, more quiet memories with my Grandma after this trip, the good times are the ones that I like to remember the most.

She always told the story of her conversation with the doctor when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Vera, even with treatment, the prognosis isn’t good. Maybe a year, two tops.” They told her.

She recalled that she looked the doctor in the eye and told him, “No fucking wet-nosed doctor is going to tell me when to  god damn die.”

She walked out that day and fought the fight for 20+ years

Until one day.

When her strength wasn’t enough.

Her self-sufficiency was gone.

Her resilience was worn down like an old rubber tire.

She didn’t need to brave anymore.

She passed away on a cold March day in 1982. I got the call to go to the office during Social Studies in 8th grade where I was told I needed to go home. Somehow, I knew what had happened.

The morning that she passed away she had an argument with my Grandpa. She overheard him telling the doctor that everything was to be done to save her.

She opened her eyes one last time, looked at him and told him “Fuck you. It’s not your choice. You didn’t care then, don’t start now.”

She closed her eyes and never said another word. She was finally at peace.

I like to think that I got her resilience, bravery and self-sufficiency from her. Her legacy to me, will be mine to my daughter.

I lift a glass to you, Grandma. I know you are watching over me and you come to my dreams when I most need encouragement.

My Grandma

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