About Me

People always characterize themselves by what they are rather than who they are. Labels such as mom, wife, employee are all used to say who you are. But that isn’t really true. That is just a label.

You will find out more about me through my posts than I can write here.  But the general stats are:

Married to Rambo…almost a quarter century. So basically, FOREVER. 

Two kids. An adult daughter, JC age 19…going on 30. A teenage son, MJ age 14…he’s in denial that he’s a mama’s boy.

I have choses to use random names for my fam. This is so they can’t google themselves and find me. Why Rambo for my hubster? First date movie. Funny I stayed with him.

Work full time from home. I manage a staff that drives me absolutely crazy some days.

Do not have enough vacation days. Is 365 days a year too many? I think not.

I am  an orphaned daughter. Long story and partly by choice.

I am a sister that never does anything wrong. I am perfect. But there is a bit of sarcasm when they say that.

I like the color pink but I won’t wear it. I don’t look good in most shades of pink. Unless it is dark.

I have blue eyes and blonde hair. But I am not your typical blonde. I actually have a brain.

And I don’t get out nearly as much as I should. 


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