Scoop and Serve

Yesterday was a day to wax all sentimental and shit. Well today is another day.

The sass is back!

As you know, I love my daughter and all her quirky goodness. Sometimes, I wonder where she came from.

I was tweeting away…having a grand ol’ time with my new twitter friends who also have blogs who you really should visit, when SHE came and sat on the arm of my chair. Did she come to talk about the pending move? Did she want to discuss our fun-filled weekend that starts at 06:00 am? No.

She came to fart.

She lifted her skinny little ass cheek…and farted.

She giggled. She scooped. She served.

If you have never been the target of a scoop and serve, you haven’t lived¬†er… smelled.

So this is how it is done.

  1. You fart, preferably a dry, loud, smelly fart. Wet? Ewwww….skip those ones.
  2. Quickly, before it dissipates and is wasted, you take your hand and form it into a scoop.
  3. Place it by your ass, scoop it out and serve it up to your victim.
You have been schooled in the fine art of Fart Scooping and Serving.
Don’t thank me now. Thank me later when you are all alone with your kids and you can do something that will even gross them out!
And I still haven’t figured out where she learned THAT one from as I am always the innocent one.
Now…go to the right side. Yeah right over there————-> See blogroll? Click and visit their blogs. Why? Because I said so. And you love me.
Don’t make me Scoop and Serve.
Forever sassy!