I am Going to Hell

Ok. I accept it. I am going to hell.

All that going to church on Sunday, tithing…all for naught. I am going to hell.

But it isn’t really my fault. I can’t help it that I am paranoid. I was raised to question other peoples motives. If people didn’t make me question their intentions, I would not be this way.

When someone who takes a lot of sick days and gets stressed by people not calling them back starts saying they feel light headed and their chest is tight…I think ANXIETY attack. Get the hell over it! Jeez.

Well, I am going to hell. Did I mention that?

Why? Well said person’s husband calls to tell me that they are on their way to the ER for chest pains. When said person is SUPPOSED to be on a plane instead, I get suspicious. Sue me.

Well, after having to rearrange shit at home, contact the account and explain to them that they have a whole staff that they will be paying tomorrow…and nobody from my company there to do what was supposed to be done, I get a little pissy.

Grocery store at midnight, freshen business attire in dryer with a damp dryer sheet (works wonders btw), airline ticket bought, car rental done, hotel reservations done.

Fast forward to 6:30 this morning. Text from the husband. Admitted to ICU. Possible heart attack at age 38.

Like I said. I am going to hell. And I get 8 more segments towards Gold Medallion. I have to make two trips.

So if you could say some extra prayers for me…it would be appreciated. Oh and don’t forget the anonymous person who is sending me there. Thanks.