Whale Tails~A Fashion Tragedy

Whale tails…a simple little term that holds a few definitions.

According animal biology, it is the appendage by which a whale is propelled through the ocean. According to human fashion biology, it’s the thong taking a peek out of the jeans to see what it’s missing.

Am I immune to whale tail? I have to embarrassingly admit that I am not. Does this mean that I proudly display my tail? Hell no! But there has been moments when I am at home, slipping on my shoes that it decides to pop out in all it’s glory. Unfortunately, JC is usually around and is strangely drawn to grabbing it and pulling! Have I mentioned that she can be a bitch sometimes? Let me tell you…it does not feel good. Can you say Taint Torture?

I do, however, make sure that never happens in public. I am no super model! I never understood how these girls cannot feel the cool breeze blowing down their ass crack.

Sometimes it is just appetite robbing when you see it….What is truly sad is that some of these girls have friend or relatives who don’t alert them to this tragedy.

Case in point…this victim was eating at BWW with her mom. Mom gets up, goes to the bathroom comes back and walks right past with the tail giving her the salute! Does mom even mention it? Nope. Bitch.

These are the same people who won’t tell you if you have boogers hanging out  your nose…who the hell needs friends like that? So girls, (sorry guys, I know you like this for some odd reason!) just say no to this preventable tragedy! Get longer shirts, pull your jeans up…for cripes sake, go commando! I really don’t care…This is the only whale tail I want to ever see!