Couch Potato to 5k?

I have friends who love me. They love me so much that they are working me into believing that I can actually start running.

I am 42 years old and have never liked to run. Even as a kid. I tried to stay as far away from running if I could.

So why the change?

I keep hearing how good it is for stress. And I get a full helping of stress on my plate every day. And my treadmill is calling me.

We just redid my office and my treadmill is not hidden by boxes or hiding under a thick veil of dust. It cries out to be used. It looks like a little orphan child sitting in the corner. It’s as if its been placed there for being naughty.

In a way it has been. It taunts me every day. I can hear the voice. I imagine it to sound like Matthew McConaughey. That southern Texan drawl makes me swoon.

“Hey darlin’, come on over. You don’t know what you are missing. ”

Drool inducing

Just the sound of his voice can make me forget all about my hubby and makes me want to start running. Maybe if I imagine those rippling abs with his hand motioning in a come hither way, it will get me on the track. ¬†Alas, I will have to keep it in my imagination. I don’t think hubby would appreciate if I plastered a half-naked poster of Matt on my wall as inspiration.

After all, shouldn’t my husband be my inspiration?

So starting tomorrow, I start on my journey to fit, forty-something and total awesomeness. I have my C25k app downloaded, the plan printed, and my shoes ready for lacing.

Who knows, maybe I may join my friends in Vegas for the half marathon in December. Can you hear my laughter from there? Yeah, thought so.

For tonight, I will enjoy my bowl of vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries.