Sometimes They Surprise You

You think you know your kids.

You spend years feeding them, changing their dirty diapers, nurturing their sense of self and hoping that they turn out better than yourself. You laugh at things they say, write about them in blogs and brag about them on Facebook.

You get mad at them because they don’t listen to you.

“How many times do you have to walk over those before you put those clothes away?!?! Huh? How many times?”

“I didn’t see them.” Yeah, okay.


Then they go and do something that totally surprises you and you are at a loss for words.

MJ seems to be good at that. He is my empath. Even when you don’t think he gets it, he does.

He doesn’t have a job (he’s 14, he shouldn’t be working!) and when it came to Mother’s Day, he didn’t have any money to buy me a gift, even a card.

I came home after being gone on a spur of the moment work trip (I hate those!) the Friday of Mother’s Day weekend.

On the table is a lone envelope.

“Happy Mother’s Day” written on the front.

Inside is a folded up piece of paper and it says (and yes, the first two lines were colored):

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You’re the greatest mom ever.
And I love you.
You catch me when I fall,
No matter how bad it is,
Whenever I call,
Your right there,
There are 7 billion people in the world,
But you stand out against them all.
So Happy Mother’s Day to the most wonderful mother ever,
You will never leave my heart, never.
Love, MJ

Tears start flowing.

Despite all my flaws as a mom, he is blind to them. He sees past the mistakes and bad moods and knows, truly knows, that I will always be there for him.

And it fills my heart. And my heart is overflowing.

This is why it’s all worth it.

I will keep this in my drawer.

When I am yelling at him for missing curfew (which I know he will!) and he is telling me how unfair and mean I am. I will pull it out and remind him.

After all, that’s what mom’s do best. Guilt trips. 🙂

Forever Sassy!